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Landscape Design

You may want a few shrubs replaced or your whole landscape wiped clean to start over.  For landscape designs, we charge $65 per hour for the owner, Nick Miller to customize a plan and design for your home.  If you hire us to install the landscape, the design is free. 

There are several factors to be considered in a well designed landscape.  For most of the properties in our area, plant varieties which deer tend to avoid are paramount.  Other considerations include the amount of sun light during the day, morning sun, afternoon sun, soil conditions, drainage quality, and the functional purpose of the landscape.  Do you want to screen the neighbors RV or do you just want some fantastic trees to see every time you walk out the door.  Do you want color in the summer?  Everyone wants low maintenance...  For all of our no maintenance landscape designs we also include a free unicorn.


Each plant is different and has different needs. For our planting installations, we over dig our planting areas and enhance the soil to ensure the plant has the proper drainage, fertilization, and depth. Our plants are guaranteed for 1 year after installation. Click HERE for more information on our landscape construction offerings.


Part of making a yard bloom is exceptional lawn mowing. We take the steps to ensure our mowing team will deliver an excellent cut every time like always having sharpened blades, edging along all paved surfaces, blowing off all paved surfaces, and always closing gates. We take pride in doing the little things so you know your property is as important to us as it is to you. 

You can sign up for weekly service and if appropriate every other week service. Part of why our clients appreciate Bloom, is how easy we are to work with, so if you go out of town and need a one-time mow, all you need to do is shoot us an email a few days in advance and we will take care of it!

Lawn treatment program

We have a tried and true method of getting weedy yards looking like the Cardinals Ball field and keeping already pristine lawns looking great. We have a program priced per application that includes using the very best products for sustained turf health. It’s always best to have your lawn mowing provider also be your lawn treatment provider. If there are issues developing in your turf, because they see your lawn on a weekly basis, they would be the best to react and take corrective measures.

Fertilization & Weed Control 6 Step Program (priced per application)
1. Pre-emergent in February
2. Pre and post emergent in March
3. Post emergent & fertilizer April/May
4. Fertilizer and spot treatment June/July
5. Post emergent & fertilizer September (with seeding and aerating if applicable)
6. Winterizer and spot treatment of weeds in November

Core Aeration and Overseeding

Our core aeration process decompacts the soil to allow the grass roots to spread and maximize turf thickness and health. We aerate in September in conjunction with seeding. For our seed, we use a blend specially cultivated for Missouri's hot summers and cold winters. The blend has a mixture to allow a good stand of grass to emerge whether sown in shade or full sun.

Flowerbed Maintenance

We are a full service one stop company for your flowerbeds. We specialize in getting the flowerbeds looking good and maintaining them. We can prune your shrubs, install a wide variety of mulches, spade edge your beds, apply pre-emergents in beds to reduce your weeds by up to 85%, and everything else your flowerbeds may need. When giving a quote we will price everything we see may be needed so you can pick and choose from all of our services.


2" thick double ground hardwood premium mulch installed in all your flowerbeds. Mulch doesn't just make your flowerbeds look great but also adds a rich organic component to your soil promoting plant longevity. 

Shrub Pruning

Twice per year, April/May & Aug/Sept we will trim your shrubs. If you are a mowing client, we will also trim any low hanging branches within 6 feet of the ground.

Spade Edging

Your flowerbeds will gain a crisp clean definition after we spade edge your beds.


Flowerbed Pre-Emergent

We apply a high quality pre-emergent product to your beds prior to putting mulch down in the spring to reduce weeds by up to 85%. Our pre-emergent will last for up to 120 days. This product is not rated to be applied in vegetable gardens.

Spring Clean-Up

We will remove the winter debris of sticks and leaves. The spring clean-up also includes cutting back grasses and annual to get ready for the new Spring growth. Scheduled in February or early March.

Seasonal Flowerbed Displays (price per flat)

Our team has a knack for growing full vibrant flowers by tilling just the right amount of organic compost and fertilizer into the flowerbeds to create the perfect growing environment. Planting flowers is our specialty and we are eager to brighten up your home with a beautiful flower display!