Why Bloom, Our Sales Pitch

We can deliver an above average level of quality because our employee turn over is very low.  We take great care of our guys so they stay around a long time and learn the customized nuances of each property.  We have weekly training to be the most knowledgeable team in the area.  We intensely care about quality and instead of spending money on advertising, we spend it on training and investing into to the team so that we can deliver results and our clients advertise for us.  If you hired us, you will be hiring trusted professionals.   I very much appreciate the opportunity. 

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed:   We promise to give you a full refund with no questions asked for any service you are not absolutely thrilled with.  We will even pay a contractor of your choice to finish a job we failed to complete to your complete satisfaction.  It is really simple, you either love our work, or you do not pay for it!